Yatsugatake walk vol.7

a perfect guide of Yatsugatake area for tourists

Southern Yatsugatake Highland resort (P.11)

Southern Yatsugatake Highland resort
Kiyosato Highland

The Southern Yatsugatake highland region is situated at the most Northern tip of the Yamanashi prefecture, starting at an altitude of 1000 meters.

Enjoy the views of the surrounding 3000 m-class mountains such as the Southern Alps and Mt.Fuji, meadows and valleys.

There are many idyllic western styled petite hotels, cafes, museums etc. scattered in the area which were brought by pioneers, offering a sophisticated taste, and where one can spend time for relaxation.


Nature and Stage

The rich natural environment becomes part of the performing arts and adds to the fantasy on the stage. This is one of the charms of the Kiyosato Field Ballet. When looking at the psychological influence on the audience it becomes apparent how important this environment is for the experience of the people. With the evening wind on your face and the reflection of the natural garden in your eyes, the power of nature will help you enter the world on stage in a relaxed state. But, how is it for the dancers dancing on stage? We talked with Risa Matsumura who makes her 20th appearance this year, and who danced Don Quixote's Kittori last year.

We want to dance!  We want to see it !  All spirits unite.

"On stage, hearing the sound of the leaves rustled by the wind and the moon becoming visible, it is an incredible feeling! It adds reality to the village scene, and gives you the feeling that you are really in that village.
Then, there is always the question if it will rain on days when the weather is unstable. We as dancers, the staff and audience, all come together in anticipation with one mind:  "We want to Dance" "We want to see it!".
When we are able to conlude our performance, not withstanding the weather, everybody at the premises is exultated and grateful. This is not something you will experience in a hall, right.”
 Performing in the open-air is very special for the dancers. For people who are familiar with ballet it is also a special experience. If you have not yet seen much ballet we recommend you to come and "experience" the 30th-anniversary performance of the Kiyosato Field Ballet as a first step.

Talking about Stages in Kiyosato. This year the eleventh "Suzukazesai" will be held at the Kiyosato-no-mori music hall, and not to forget the annual “High Live Yatsugatake” in July.
In addition, there are openair stages during the "otona no soto asobi" (Adults playing outside) event on 28 and 29 September and the"Chef's bar" on 22 and 23 February 2020. Providing a beautiful sound.
And, of course, the venues are surrounded with a relaxing natural ambiance.

The marriage of the rich nature of Kiyosato and the stage can also become the prologue and epilogue of the performance.