Yatsugatake walk vol.7

a perfect guide of Yatsugatake area for tourists

Hokuto city's Kids media network to introduce the charms of their home town.
We tried to spread the local appeal

Mizunoyama Children’s news network (P.61)

Hello everyone, we are the staff of “Mizunoyama Kids Media network.” We are going to report to you the various activities we are engaged in, including publishing a newspaper with a theme on water and mountains, recording radio programs, and editing magazines!
About 20 elementary school students living in Hokuto-city have joined “Mizunoyama Kids Media Network”. It is a project to learn about the attraction and beauty of Hokuto-city, and introduce them to people through various media.
We had the opportunities to do an interview, record a radio program and write an article for the first time together with friends and instructors who we met for the first time. As a result, we were able to find not only the attraction of Hokuto-city but also the allure of working as a journalist, radio personality, and magazine editor.


Publishing a newspaper
My article was in a newspaper!!


We got into several groups and visited some sightseeing spots and Hokuto-based companies associated with water. Each group wrote an article by joining a collective effort. I was glad that my family and friends read the article I worked on in the “Yatsugatake Journal”.


Recording a radio program
I could talk better than I expected!


I experienced a radio recording for “FM Yatsugatake”! I talked about things I researched on Hokuto. Although I got nervous and my voice became shaky, I was relieved to have been able to convey information to the listeners with the help of  Ms. Aimi Gomi, the radio personality, who asked me various questions.


Editing a magazine
Express “what I want to tell”!

Before creating a magazine, an editor of “Yatsugatake Walk” lectured us on the difference between a newspaper and a magazine. He also taught us what elements should be included in magazine pages such as a copy and a headline. Then we got into groups and created this magazine page explaining activities of “Mizunoyama Kids Media Network.”
The work was difficult because we were free to choose designs and pictures for the magazine, but at the same time, it was exciting to come up with ideas. We thought out ways to hook the readers to our article. I found it interesting that I was able to include what I felt and thought in the sentences.     
Also, we had a chance to make booklets. Each of us wrote an article based on what we researched. What impressed me most in the course of this experience was that it is important to think about “what I want to tell” first and how to express it to readers.