Yatsugatake walk vol.8

a perfect guide of Yatsugatake area for tourists

Profile of Yatsugatake, Southern Alps Mountains (P.49)

Mt. Nyukasa
Elevation: 1,955 m
(Nagano prefecture)

The Akaishi mountain range (Minami Alps) consists of several 3,000m peaks. Starting from the South, the ridge runs from Mt. Kai Komagatake to Mt. Nokogiridake. After a brief interruption at Kamanashigawa, it continues at Mt. Shiraiwadake and Mt. Kamanashi towards the North. Gradually the ridgeline fades and converges to Lake Suwa. One of the mountains located at the northern end of the Southern Alps is Mt. Nyukasa.
When you search for the origin of its name, you will discover explanations such as, "It rains every time when entering the mountain, therefore donning a (conical) bamboo hat is necessary." or "Its shape resembles a bundle of piled up rice straw." That it rains a lot is easily confirmed when looking at the surrounding lichen, but even with the best of intentions, it is hardly a mountain with distinctive features.
The charm of the mountain is, after all, the marshes and valleys that surround the foot and the scenery of the vast meadows in the West.
From late May to mid-June, when the lily of the valley is in flower, the Nyukasa wetland is crowded with tourists. If possible, get away from the bustle. The course around the top to the Oawara wetland, Teizawa and the Nyukasa farm is highly recommended. The Teisawa forms a deep valley through the Oawara wetland and is rich with seasonal flowers and birds. After emerging from the dale, the forest road is lined with Lark trees where beautiful beard lichen hangs like the sleeves of heavenly maidens from the branches. In addition, in the same period as the lily of the valley, the forest edge is studded with the pale crimson to the white-colored blossom of the Toringo crabapple (Malus sieboldii).
Above all, the mountaintop can be reached within an hour from the gondola mountaintop station. From there, of course, you see the Yatsugatake in front of you. Then, starting with Mt. Fuji, do not miss the other notable peaks like Hoosanzan, Kaikoma, Senjo, the Central Alps, Mitake, Norikura, Hotaka, Tateyama and Ushirotateyamarenpo of the Chubu mountain range.