Yatsugatake walk vol.8

a perfect guide of Yatsugatake area for tourists

Paul Smither’s Yatsugatake and Southern Alps

Mountain plants Field guide – 3 (P.58)

Tricyrtis latifolia

Tamagawa toad lily takes its name from a river in the Kyoto area where the yellow flowered shrub Kerria japonica can all  be found.
I’ve only seen this toad lily on a couple of occasions in the wild. The first time was when on a guided walk several plants growing on a moss encrusted boulder were pointed out to me. The spring water splashing onto the rock and the canopy of oak leaves above provided the damp shade that toad lilies love so much.
My second encounter was during a hiking trip alongside a mountain river. Admiring the various ferns, hosts and rodgersias growing on the banks I noticed the beautiful lemon yellow star shaped flowers peeking out of the green tapestry.
Now after growing many plants from seed I enjoy watching large bumblebees follow the red speckled markings and disappear into the depths of the flowers. Flowering in July, this is a real gem of a plant to brighten up a shady corner of any garden.