Yatsugatake walk vol.8

a perfect guide of Yatsugatake area for tourists

The UNESCO Eco park that is in the "Yatsugatake walk" area (P.63)

There are 10 areas registered as UNESCO Eco Parks in Japan. Two of them are in the area introduced in this magazine.

What is a UNESCO Eco park?
A region that has been internationally recognized by UNESCO for its coexistence between nature and human society. This is an initiative aimed at sustainable development to protect rich ecosystems and biodiversity, to learn about nature and the coexistence with people.

Minami Alps UNESCO Eco park

The area is centered around the Minami Alps which connects several mountains with an elevation of 3000m. There are many flora and fauna only found in this region. Each basin of the Fuji, Oi, and Tenryu rivers represent a unique cultural zone with its own traditional customs, food, and folk entertainment passed down to this day.


Kobushi UNESCO Eco Park

The area is centered around Mt. Kobushigatake and Mt. Kinpusan among others. They are part of the Okuchichibu and listed as one of the 100 prominent mountains of Japan. The source of Arakawa River, Tama River, Fuji (Fuefuki) River, and Shinano (Chikuma) River is there. The area is rich with mountains, forests, and valleys and is home to 126 kinds of butterflies, slightly less than 40% of all Japanese  species.