Yatsugatake walk vol.7

a perfect guide of Yatsugatake area for tourists

Profile of Yatsugatake, Southern Alps Mountains (P.46)

DaiNichi-Iwa (Dainichi-rock)
Elevation: 2,201 m
(Yamanashi prefecture・Nagano prefecture)

Other well-known mountains containing the name "Dainichi" are "Mt. Oku-Dainichi" (2,605.9 m)  and "Mt. Dainichi-dake" (2,501 m) West from Tateyama in Toyama prefecture,
 "Mt. Dainichi-dake" with 2,128 m the highest peak of the Iide mountain range in Niigata prefecture, "Mt. Dainichi-ga-dake" with 1,709 m in Gujo city, Gifu prefecture, and "Mt. Dainichi-dake" with 1,540 m on the Omine-okugake-michi in Nara Prefecture. All are deeply connected with the history of mountain faith.

The name "Dainichi" derives from "Dainichi Nyorai" (Dainichi Buddha).
It is characterized by the episode of the kaisan (The founder of a temple as the first chief priest) by a monk of the Mikkyo system of esoteric Buddhism.

The ridge extends over the Yamanashi and Nagano prefecture border, just North-West from Mt. Kinpu, and its remarkable peaks stand out even from a distance, easily recognizable as "Dainichi-iwa," reminding of the Yoshino ascetics for whom the peaks must have been a beacon. (The esoteric Buddhist monks from the Yoshino temple in Nara who used to do their ascetic practices on these mountains. )
The rocky peak consists of the same granite as Mt. Kinpu; polished by millennia of wind and rain. In particular, the Western face on the Yamanashi side forms a long high slab drops into the Kanayama valley. The top peripheral of Mt. Kinpu has a rounded top ridge giving it a unique humorous impression personified.

Most people probably only consider it as a resting place on the way to the top of Mt. Kinpu without much interest, but for those who know more about the mountain, know of its hidden routes, and are familiar with mountains, it is possible to climb to its top. However, Because the routes are not without danger it is not recommended for anyone to taking this direction. If you want to purely enjoy this rock, we recommend following the route passing through its base.
Enter from Mizugaki-Sanso villa and head from Fujimidaira toward Mt. Mizugaki, then follow the branch of the Tencho stream towards Mt. Ogawa to Hacho-daira. There, keep to the right, through the with rhododendron mixed black trees forest, and you will reach Dainichi-iwa.

When you are strongly aware of a mountain's presence and you can then see its whole form from a viewpoint, it can sometimes become overwhelming. It may be a good opportunity to re-familiarize yourself with nature by going directly to a place where you can get a sense of its vastness.