Yatsugatake walk vol.7

a perfect guide of Yatsugatake area for tourists

Yatsugatake, Southern Alps: Enjoy the charm with your five senses (P.57)

What you experience with your five senses stays deeply carved in your hart.
Outdoors, Art, Craft, Sports, Food, Agriculture...
Souvenirs, for unforgettable memories!

Right now!
Even now there are programs for you to experience. Reservations in advance may be needed on the day itself.

To be sure, we recommend you inquire at each facility.


● Putter golf (Miniature golf), ground golf

 ⇒ Kiyosato Oka-no-koen   www.kiyosato-okanokouen.com
● Rope led horseback riding

 ⇒ Kiyosato Pony farm, www.kiyosato-auberge.com
● Disc golf, Park golf

 ⇒ Kiyosato-no-mori www.kiyosatonomori.co.jp
● Segway, Season guided walk with dog

 ⇒ Yatsugatake Outdoors Activities  www.y-outdoor.com
●Segway, Moist-potpourri, Dry-flower etc.

 ⇒ Heidi village  www.haiji-no-mura.com
● Patter golf (Miniature golf)

 ⇒ Fujimi highland resort  https://fujimikogen-resort.jp/
● Patter golf (Miniature golf), mallet, Disc golf, Bicycle riding

 ⇒ Yatsugatake Shizenbunkaen www.yatsugatake-ncp.com
●Rosario, Bracelet making,Original tin-badge making 

 ⇒ Seisen-ryo www.seisenryo.jp
● Musicbox (orgel)

 ⇒ Moegi-no-mura Mainspring Zenmai-ya

● Woodworking

 ⇒  Moegi-no-mura  Shizen Woodworkshop ONO  

● Pottery

 ⇒ Moegi-no-mura  Moegi Kiln  www.moeginomura.co.jp/tenant/kama/
● Neko-tama making (Needle & felt)

 ⇒ Natural herb dyeing and neko-tama 2nd (Second) 

● My chopsticks making, woodworking classroom -chopsticks making (small objects)

 ⇒ Garakusha  www.garakusha.jp
● Ceramics Painting

 ⇒ Omodake-ya Artstage   www.omodakaya.jp/artstage/


Day before reservation experience programs.
If you have not yet decided on what to do tomorrow, by all means!

● Guided walk - A walk in the forest
 ⇒ Seisenryo   www.seisenryo.jp
● Mountain kayak, Mountain kayak with dog, Morning yoga,Bonfire cafe
 ⇒ Yatsugatake Outdoors Activities     www.y-outdoor.com
● Paragliding
 ⇒ JMB Paraglider school   www.windhop.com
● Jam making, sausage making, woodwork, farming experience
 ⇒ Umagoya, Ki-asobiya, Kiyosato pony-farm   www.kiyosato-auberge.com
● Natural herb dyeing
 ⇒ Moroa-no-mori Rimbaud (cottage) Natural herb dyeing workshop "Sakura-

  monogatari" tale   www.morois-rimbaud.com
● Woodwork classroom
 ⇒ Garakusha   www.garakusha.jp
● Soba making (Buckwheat noodles)
 ⇒ Soba locality Okkotei   www.okkototei.jp
● Dairy farming, bird-call making, ice cream making etc.
 ⇒ Takizawa Ranch   www.takizawa-bokujo.jp
●  Glass etching, Jam making
 ⇒ Pension Saint Paulia   www.kiyosato-saintpaulia.com


For your next trip!
Reservations that must be made at least 2 days in advance, although,

that is not a big deal as you can enjoy the anticipation. Include the dawn into your traveling plans!

● "Mori-no-jikan" (Time in the forest), Observation of living things gathering, Yamane (Dormouse) school 
 ⇒ Seisenryo www.seisenryo.jp
● Snow driving school (Winter season)
 ⇒  La VERDURA  www.la-verdura.club
● Trekking, Mountaineering, Snowshoe
 ⇒  Yatsugatake Outdoors activities www.y-outdoor.com
● Agricultural experience, Houtou making (Kind of noodle), Soba making (Buckwheat noddles)
 ⇒  Taishokan www.taishoukan.jp
● Tracing a Buddha picture experience
 ⇒ Adachi-Haragen Mandala museum www.mandala-museum.jp
 (At some instances daily reservations are OK)
● Rental farm
 ⇒ Izumien http://izumien.info/
● Soba making (Buckwheat noodles)
 ⇒ Sobakiri  Kikyouya   www.town.fujimi.lg.jp/kanko/data/rs53.html
●  Soba making (Buchwheat noodles)
 ⇒ Fujimi Kogen Resort    https://fujimikogen-resort.jp/
●  Beads accessories, Tole paint, Patchwork etc. 
 ⇒ Pension & Craft shop Hanamizuki www.hanamizukikiyosato.blog112.fc2.com

* Please contact each facility for details on opening times and fees.
* Some programs are limited in duration and number of people.